How can I sleep well?

How can I sleep well?

As the concept of 'work and life balance' has recently begun to emerge for improving the quality of life of modern hardworkers. You would wonder about how to make a balance between them. To increase the efficiency of your working hours and allow you to rest deeply on your days off, it is important to have a Good Quality Sleep.

To improve the quality of life, what is 'sleep well'?

And why is it important to have a deep sleep?

1. Sleep well

When you fall asleep, your body doesn’t go straight into deep sleep. In fact, throughout the night, you’ll go through several stages of sleep: Non- Rem phase and REM phase. You can have the deep sleep from the Non- Rem's 2nd stage. In this stage, your body temperature reduces and your heart rate and breathing are slower to go in to the comfortable period. The rolling eye movement would also stop on this stage. 

After going to the 2nd stage of NON-Rem phase, you would have REM sleep phase to start the cycle from deep sleeping. In this stage your heart rate and breathing begin to quicken. Each time you go through the cycle, you’ll spend less time in the deeper stages of sleep. You are most likely to go through this cycle four to five times a night. 

So sleeping well is not just simply having a deep sleep cycle (NON-Rem sleep). It is important to repeat the healthy sleep cycle between Non-Rem and Rem phase. If this cycle is not worked, it means that you have an unhealthy sleeping pattern.

2. Why Deep Sleep is important?

While you sleep, your brain is working. For example, sleep helps prepare your brain to learn, remember, and create. Brain totally changes its function to remove waste from the system like kidney. There are repair processes that occur in the body mostly, or most effectively, during sleep. So deep and enough sleep would give you the healthy support.

However, there are many cases in which deep sleep is not possible due to sleep disorders and insomnia. For you, It is most important to make the sleeping environment as comfortable as possible and to create an environment in which the body can rest.

3. Tips for Deep Sleep

Daytime habits would make you hard to clear your head at night. The more overstimulated your brain becomes during the day, the harder it can be to slow down and unwind at night. Hardworkers like you are constantly interrupting tasks during the day to check your phone, email, or social media. Then when it comes to getting to sleep at night, your brain is not used to the empty and fresh condition so it makes you face difficulties. So here is some tips for you who is struggling for having a sleep

  • Not using any electronic devices
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol before beds
  • Get sunlight exposure during the days

Remember these tips for your deep sleep!

Wish you have a high quality sleep and high day-performance!



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