Best cooling memeory foam pillow for night sweats in summer

How can you have deep sleep in Summer?

common reason why we have nightsweats

As the summer heat becomes more and more serious, we are trembling in fear. 

Hot sleepers like YOU would suffer from poor sleep quality in summer because of the 'unexplained sweats', which is called 'night sweats'.

Even if you don't think you are a hot sleeper, you cannot deny that you were occasionally sweating in sleeps when the bed/bedroom are too warm.

To spend the hot summer with deeper & cooler sleep, we should know the reason why we cannot sleep well in summer.  Here is some tips for your quality sleep time in summer night! 

Night sweats: The Reason for Poor Sleep in Summer

night sweat

People with lots of heat in their bodies sweat a lot in summer. Night sweats is one of the main reasons why you suffer from the bad night experience. The quality of sleep environment deteriorates due to bacterial growth and a polluted bed due to sweating. Pillow soaked with your sweat on summer nights? Disgusting! It would make the night experience worse and worse.

Night Sweats Male: Why?

male nightsweat

1. Low Testosterone level
Men can experience night sweats due to low testosterone levels, also called male hypogonadism. The lower your testosterone level, the more likely you are to sweat and be exposed to heat and humid condition. If you use a poor-quality memory foam pillow when sweating, you won't be able to avoid poor quality of sleep.


Night Sweats Female: Why?

nightsweat female

1. Hormonal Imbalances
Hormonal imbalances may occur due to medical reasons. Sometimes these symptoms are difficult to determinewithout specific medical testing. It is usually done when the body's nutrients and hormone secretion are not balanced.


How to stop the night sweats?

cooling memoryfoam pillow

In order to stop night sweating in summer, it is important to cool the head first, since sweat comes out the most on the head. Thermal regulation while sleeping is the key for better sleep at night. Starting with keeping nice and cool temperature, you will be able to maintain a fresh sleeping environment.

In order to prevent the scalp from overheating and sweating, keep the ambient temperature below the proper level and improve the condition of the scalp with cool pillow. In addition, in order to maintain a hygienic environment in which bacteria do not survive even when sweating in summer; use the COPPER ANTIBACTERIAL PILLOW.

You can cool off the sweats by lowering the temperature of the overall scalp to make more comfortable sleeping environment with the best cooling pillow for night sweats. 

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