Tips of pillow: What kind of pillow material would be best?

Tips of pillow: What kind of pillow material would be best?

We all think hundreds of times before buying a pillow.

You must think that It would be nice to have a pillow that gives the body the most comfort and does not sweat. However, too many types of pillows make it rather difficult to choose, and because of this, we just buy what we have used before. 

For those of you who are still busy but want to have a smart pillow - shopping, Monapillow will give you the best tips.

What kind of pillow material would be best?

1. Polyester / Microfiber

polyester pillow

The pillow that will be used in most homes is a polyester/microfiber pillow. It can be used for a long time because it is easy to wash and maintain with less dust. Polyester pillow is greatly loved by users who like soft and fluffy touch.

However, polyester(microfiber) does not properly support the cervical spine due to lack of support, it is easy to lose posture while sleeping, which can cause various diseases such as cervical discs. It would be not good for modern people who use cell phones and laptops a lot. Also, it doesn't absorb much moisture, so it's not a good pillow for people who has scalp heat and nightsweats.


2. memory foam / latex

memory foam pillow

Memory foam pillows are one of the most used pillow materials these days. It provides soft comfort to modern people with neck and shoulder pain. In addition, because it supports the body shape, it is combined with various designs to protect the health of the cervical lines and neck.

However, it can be hot in summer due to poor breath-ability. It is particularly vulnerable to heat, so it is not suitable for people with a lot of scalp heat.

To clean the memory foam, you need to dry it in the shade so that the memory foam can play its role for a long time without damage. It is important to replace it periodically as it may oxidize in sunlight and cause debris.

So, recently, products that remove the disadvantages of memory foam by utilizing new technologies are coming out. Memory foam with graphene ensures breathability through graphene and effectively releases heat. Therefore, it provides all the values ​​of spine protection, temperature maintenance, and comfort to modern people who want a pleasant sleeping environment.


3. duck & goose down

goose down

Goose down pillows have excellent warmth and air permeability, and can naturally contract and expand depending on temperature and humidity. It can revive the volume just by drying it in the sun. However, since it is an animal's fur, it can smell bad when it gets wet, so you need to pay special attention to ventilation and drying.

You need o get rid of dust frequently and dry in a shady and well-ventilated place for 1-2 hours to prevent bacterial growth. However, if you wash it frequently, the oiliness disappears and the heat retention decreases, so you should wash it once every two years.

Since it is difficult to manage in a humid environment such as during the rainy season, it is not recommended for busy office workers who do not have much time to manage bedding.

Based on these tips, choose the pillow material that fits in you best!
Have a good night ! 




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