Cooling Memory Foam Pillow: What you need to know for better quality sleep

Cooling Memory Foam Pillow: What you need to know for better quality sleep

Are you still tired when you wake up?
Do you still have neck or back pain when you wake up?
The MEMORYFOAM PILLOW could be your solution key.

memory foam pillow can be a solution

Why Memory Foam Pillow?

Many people who suffer from chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain find their memory foam pillows offer plenty of pros.

1. Good elasticity - support the neck well

Memory foam's supportvive strength helps you to sleep in the best position for your spine. It can help people who suffer from neck, shoulder, and back pain. The pain can be from something as simple as computer work or as strenuous as physically labor. It is a material with a soft touch so it has good elasticity and has the advantage of holding the neck well. it has high density and elasticity, so it does not fall off easily. Also, it is relatively inexpensive.

2. Relief of pressure points

The pillow provides relief for pressure points that cause pain by distributing the weight and contouring to your head just as a memory foam mattress distributes the weight of your body. Memory foam pillow aim to offer more comfortable sleep with softness and firmness which perfectly suits all your sleeping needs.

 memory foam toxic?

Memory Foam Toxic?

As nothing is perfect in the world, there are fatal flaws of memory foam pillows.

1. NOT breathable

It is much less breathable than a cotton pillow, so it is difficult to dissipate heat.

2. Hard to keep it clean

In a state where there is no ventilation, it becomes a space where viruses are easy to live because there is no proper way to wash. For these reasons, even though the advantages of memory foam are so enticing, those of you would hesitate to use a pillow. Here is a newly developed pillow for you: Graphene Infused Memory Foam.

ice-tech graphene pillow

Why cooling memory foam pillow?: Graphene Infused Memory foam

Lack of cooling ability / breathability can be a huge stumbling block for those who want a good night's sleep. If the scalp becomes hot due to lack of ventilation, it may not give a feeling that you have fallen asleep deeply because of the accumulation of scalp heat in the morning. So, for this reason, it is necessary to use a memory foam pillow with new materials infused.

After using all the cervical pillows used with different types and material, we figured out that memory foam supports our head & neck the best. But still, we weren’t satisfied with our morning, waking up with fatigue and headache. The problem was HEAT! The head needs better ventilation than what memory foam pillow gives.

As we couldn’t give up the firmness of memory foam, we just made our own BEST material for pillow. Infuse GRAPHENE!

Graphene, even used in aerospace industry, it is known for its heat dissipation. This high density material would help you in both way: for cooling your scalp and head&neck support.

To ensure a cool, refreshing and comfortable sleep experience, memory foam with graphene would be the best option. Find your best memory foam pillow! Sleep tight!

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