Best way to avoid neck pain: ergonomic pillow

Best way to avoid neck pain: ergonomic pillow

For modern people, tech neck and stress have become inseparable friends. As much as it is inevitable to use computers and smartphones during office hour, it is important to know how to manage neck pain symptoms and relieve them.

Tech Neck Pain

what is tech neck

Tech neck is the muscles around the neck are overstrained or fatigued. When you look down just 45 degrees, your neck muscles put a lot of strain on your neck joints as well as your discs and contributes to them wearing out. In severe situations, you could get numbness, tingling, or weakness that goes down into your arms because of a pinched nerve in your neck.It sometimes comes with the serious disease symptoms like back pain, back shoulder pain, too.

common complaints are 

  • back shoulder pain and aching discomfort
  • pain/headache back of head
  • Jaw pain due to misalignment of the cervical spine
  • pain in back of head at base of skull

How can we relieve Tech Neck Pain?

how can we relieve neck pain

In order to prevent a serious tech neck, it is necessary to prevent it through correct posture in daily life and manage it during sleep time.

In daily life

  • stretch - Arch the neck and upper back backward periodically to ease muscle pain. 
  • keep your monitor at eye level - use a monitor stand for your computer. set the stand up so that the screen is at your eye level
  • maintain good posture - keep your feet not crossing your legs and use support cushion to give your back extra support 

Also, it is very important to keep your body in good condition even when you are asleep as much as you are active in the night time. Here is the easiest way to alleviate and manage your tech neck pain while you are in sleep: USE ERGONOMIC PILLOW with BACK SLEEPING


ergonomic pillow and back sleeping

Ergonomic design & back sleep

Back sleepers may find relief from neck pain by adjusting their position with ergnomic design pillows.  A small pillow for cervical support should be at the base of the neck and keep the head in a neutral position, while placing a pillow beneath the knees or thighs can keep the muscles along the spine flat and relax muscles in the neck. That is the desirable back sleeping position

It would be important to find your pillow for neck alignment. The curvature and design of ergonomic pillows allow the spine to rest in the middle section while providing support around the head and neck.  This cradling ensures a neutral sleeping posture and lowers the risk of neck pain.

The best memory foam pillow for neck pain would be graphene infused one that has the enough support strength for your spine. If you use the right pillow fit in your cervical spine, the pain in neck and shoulders after sleeping would be much better.

Find your best ergonomic designed pillow for your neck health and prevent to have a tech neck!


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